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In a world whereby international borders and distances are rapidly disappearing, entrepreneurial success or failure is more often depending on international trade and cooperation. Think for instance about outsourcing ICT services, importing textile, machinery and plastics, or investing in real estate development in emerging economies. From the moment that the Dutch tradesman and diplomat Cornelis Haga was appointed as the first Dutch ambassador at the Ottoman court in 1612, numerous Dutch enterprises have recognized the valuable opportunities that Turkey as the gateway to Asia has to offer. At this moment 1,842 Dutch companies are successfully operating in Turkey, while nearly 1,000 trade and investment-related queries are handled from both Dutch and Turkish companies each year.

However, establishing valuable contacts in Turkey and acquiring all necessary market and industrial knowledge can be a difficult and time consuming activity. Also the presence of language and cultural barriers let many entrepreneurs decide to stay within their comfort zone and not to make the step into Turkey. Having a mission statement to create ultimate value and to be a good representative for the Turkish business culture, MY Porta International offers starting and experienced entrepreneurs the opportunity to directly establish useful contacts in Turkey in in real estate development, financial services, ICT, maritime industry, textile, wholesale and retail trade, machinery and plastics branches.

If you are planning to add a new dimension to your company by expanding your business in Turkey, either by finding a trade partner or setting up your own company, please contact us to arrange an appointment for a free introduction talk.